Ramen Kit

Ramen Kit

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After many requests, we are offering you our at home version of Ramen! This includes a deep and rich Tonkotsu style broth made with smoked pork & beef bones, mushrooms, aromatics and other fun additions to top off your bowl to make it a truly special experience. Heat your broth, cook your noodles, assemble your bowl with the accoutrements, and pour you hot broth to bring it all together. We do the hard work so you don't have to! Feeds 2-4 people depending on how big of eaters they are.

This kit includes:


•The Daley Trade Fresh Ramen Noodles: 1#

•Tonkotsu style smoked pork and beef bone-broth: 2qts.

•Thinly sliced Pork Belly: 8oz

Tare seasoning: 8oz (add to the bottom of the bowl with the hot noodles before the soup is poured in to allow the two to meld together)

•Crunchy ramen furikake seasoning: 1/2pt

 •Sliced green onions: 1/2pt

•Marinated mushrooms: 8oz

•Pork Fat chili oil: 8oz