Cooking Instructions

Cooking fresh pasta is a joy compared to dried. It is a quick and easy cook that requires just a little bit of babysitting and tasting. Everyone enjoys pasta cooked a little differently so use the recommended cook time found on the label as a general guide. No pasta should take longer than 6 minutes. Taste your pasta frequently before and after the recommended cook time to find the perfect doneness to fit your taste. 

Cooking instructions:

  • Fill a large pot of water ¾ full, the larger the better especially if you are cooking more than 2 portions. WARNING: If your pot is too small, you run the risk of your water boiling over! Bring your water up to a rolling boil. Salt the water generously. The water should taste like you would season a soup (optional, but highly recommended).


  • Take pasta from the refrigerator or freezer and put immediately into the boiling water, stirring every 30 seconds to prevent sticking (20 second if cooking from frozen). DO NOT WALK AWAY.


  • When water comes back up to a boil start your cooking timer. Every pasta shape has a different cooking time, so look at the recommended time next to the pasta's name on the label. 


  • When the timer goes off taste pasta to make sure it is at desired texture. All pastas should not take any longer than 6 min.


  • If cooking pasta from the freezer add an extra min to your cooking time and always stir and taste frequently