Handling and Storage

We make and cut our pasta and noodles the day of delivery to give you the freshest product possible. To maximize your experience we have a few instructions to help keep our products integrity and your favorite dishes looking and tasting the best possible.

Once you receive your noodles or pasta you have two options: refrigerate or freeze.

Refrigerate your noodles if you plan on cooking them immediately or within 24-48hrs.  

Freeze your noodles if you plan on cooking them anytime after 48hrs.

The instructions will cover the cooking methods for whichever way you choose to store your pasta or noodles. 


Because our international shapes are traditional alkaline noodles, they are made to be springy, chewy and strong to hold up in stir fries, soups and other rigorous cooking methods. Because of that they tend to oxidize if not cooked right away. We highly suggest that If not used within 24hrs of delivery that they be stored in the freezer to prevent discoloration.