Crunchy Ramen Furikake Seasoning

Using a boring old packet of dried Ramen noodles (save those flavor packets!) you can make an awesome crunchy, salty, spicy, umami packed topping.  This can be used to sprinkle on top of not only ramen, but you can use it on rice, veggies, eggs, popcorn, or whatever else you want to add a flavorful punch and crispy texture to! 


½ cup- White sesame seeds (toasted then lightly crushed)

2–3ea- Nori sheets, chopped into 1” by ¼ inch little sticks

½ tsp- salt, more to taste

1 ½ tsp-  Sugar

1 ½ Packet- Dried ramen noodles, crushed small (Save seasoning packet to use with fresh ramen instead!)

1 ½ tsp- Kimchi chili powder (add more to taste if you like things spicy)

1 tsp- Mushroom pellets (optional)

1 Tbsp- Bonito flakes (optional)


After chopping your nori and crushing your ramen, combine all ingredients except for the sesame seeds into a mixing bowl. Thoroughly mix the ingredients together. In a small sauté pan toast your sesame seeds over medium heat, tossing every 30 seconds to evenly toast the seeds until golden brown. Remove from heat and transfer immediately to a mortar and pestle, spice grinder or small food processor. Lightly crush the still hot sesame seeds and immediately transfer to the bowl with all other ingredients. Thoroughly mix everything together while seeds are still warm.  The warm, natural oils in the seeds will help the ingredients combine together and let the flavors meld.  Check for seasoning, let cool at room temp and transfer to a sealed container.  Store in a cool dry place for up to 2 months.    

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